Corporate Christmas parties with Cherry Picked Catering

How can you make sure that your corporate event is high impact? What’s the key to getting the attention of your guests and making their experience memorable (for all the right reasons)?

These are just some of the questions that Cherry Picked Catering has given a great deal of thought to. It’s why we have developed a selection of themed catering options for Bristol business clients.

Why does event food need careful thought?

One thing is for sure, dull, predictable or plain dismal food at your Bristol business event won’t help you to ‘win friends and influence people’! The catering at corporate events and meetings can be the biggest talking point, and vital if you want business delegates to enjoy your gathering. The British in particular love their grub!

This is true whether it’s a meeting where you need to make a positive impression, a training course, sales event or staff conference, for example.

Get the food right, and you get ‘happy stomachs’ and more open minds. It builds your organisation’s reputation for having attention to detail, good planning abilities and a caring attitude.

Great ideas for corporate catering

So, how can you theme your corporate catering for successful meetings and events?

Cherry Picked Catering works hard to make each commission ‘bespoke and special’. However, there are some corporate food ideas that have already proved hugely popular.

For example, it can be spectacular and fun to serve up a delicious barbeque at your organisation’s event. The professional chefs at Cherry Picked achieve this safely, within strict food hygiene control, and in a way that has everyone queuing for seconds!

Or, why not serve mouth watering Tapas at corporate events? Mediterranean food is increasingly popular, and tapas is a great option for mixing and matching smaller portions of well prepared food.

If a sit-down meal is preferred while you meet your business aims and objectives, Cherry Picked Catering is ready with some unforgettable menu options – that can include three, five or even seven courses. That’s a great way to hold on to a ‘captive audience’!

How about being totally ‘on trend’ and delivering a delicate but delicious afternoon tea to your business guests? A selection of high quality finger sandwiches, miniature cakes, and scones with jam and cream can be washed down with tea or prosecco while you ‘seal the deal’.

Timeless classics

Of course, some of the best ideas for corporate catering never go out of fashion

This includes the joyous sight of a well curated and carefully prepared hot or cold buffet! If you make sure the selection is extensive, imaginative and delicious, there will be something to suit all food preferences. And there will always be someone who piles their plates up with a bit of everything too!

Cherry Picked Catering offers the option of ‘riding the dessert train ’ and just serving sweet treats and miniature puddings at your event.

We also offer expertise in putting together buffets to match food allergies and cultural preferences too, segregating selections where necessary.

Another ever-popular theme for corporate catering is the good old British breakfast. There’s something magical about the smell of good bacon and coffee in the morning. Though lavish continental breakfasts and morning treats such as fresh pastries are also always a welcome sight.

Christmas corporate events

Another iconic corporate event theme is the glorious Christmas menu. Such is the love of all things festive these days, a wonderful Christmassy spread for events can be popular for the whole of Winter!

All those traditional colours and much-loved festival food can ensure that your corporate catering puts all your guests in a very happy mood.

For more ideas on themed food for business catering in the Bristol area, get in touch for a chat. We’re always happy to develop memorable menus that match business needs and clear budgets. These can be professionally prepared, and delivered and served at your headquarters or at a separate venue in and around Bristol.


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