First Blog

Hey guys this is my first taste of the 21st century, I am not even sure if I am doing it right! Lets face it I have only just learnt how to use my betamax video recorder and it now turns out I can’t get any tapes for it. What will become apparent over the days, months and years is that I can not spell and my punctuation is lousy. Although what I can guarantee is fantastic recieps and great catering tips (all though ┬ádesigned more for the dyslexic person in mind)

But before I start wowing you with dishes such as poached egg on toast, jelly and ice cream I have to first send out a big thumbs up, high five and a hefty pat on the back to Jealous Design for sorting me out with such a fantastic web site and Stuart Key for taking some fantastic photos of my food.

Cheers guys




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