How to make corporate Christmas events successful

What better time is there to reward, incentivise and inspire your staff and customers, than over the Festive season? That’s not to say you need to start dashing around scooping up personalised gifts or organising meet and greets for remote workers, branch staff or your network of clients. There’s a much easier, quicker and more cost effective way of ticking off your Christmas to-do list. 

All you need is one, easy to organise and memorable gesture. 

Doing the right thing by your staff and customers becomes simple with the right kind of corporate Christmas party. However, you need to start planning it now!

What is the best Christmas party around Bristol?

You will want to avoid the sort of festive ‘do’ that leaves the guests with massive hangovers and no memory of their evening. On the other hand, you don’t want a party that falls flat either, leaving everyone slightly cheesed off from now until Easter!

Organising corporate Christmas events in the Bristol area is all about balance, and not just in terms of your budget. You need to get the merriment turned to the max, without ending up with a damages bill from the venue or a line of staff outside HR waiting for their reprimands!

That can mean making your party food more important than your party booze.

More tips on planning successful Christmas parties

Planning well ahead pays dividends. For a start, you will have your choice of attractive and easily accessible venues. Or, you can start mapping out the best way to organise your workplace for a glitzy Christmas soiree.

Getting an early start on planning a Christmas party also means being able to secure the services of Cherry Picked Catering, as we get booked up early! That’s important as the food is highly likely to be the ‘star of the show’. 

How many parties have you been too, in fabulous places with lovely people, only to come away unsatisfied as the catering was dismal? In fact, your guests could well excuse quite a bit of ‘corner cutting’ with the venue and entertainment, as long as memorable event food makes your Christmas party enjoyable.

This is particularly vital if your corporate Christmas party involves clients. A plate of first class food goes a long way to building a better atmosphere, and showing your organisation to be caring and attentive. Something a few curled up sandwiches and greasy sausage rolls will never achieve!

Cherry Picked Catering offers a wide selection of menu ideas for Christmas events for Bristol businesses. That way, you can create a highly bespoke festive spread, within your event budget.

Pick your guest list with care

With a place and a fine plate of Christmas party food all sorted, what’s next?

To make your event successful, you need clear aims and a controlled guest list. Is this staff letting off steam and ‘bonding’ for example? Can they bring partners?

Perhaps you’re mingling staff and clients together, for some wheeler-dealing under the festive decorations. 

It could be that your corporate Christmas party is simply a glitzy ‘thank you’ for loyal customers, with limited staff present. This sort of guest control makes sure that Kevin or Karen from accounts doesn’t spill secrets to your biggest client, after a few ‘falling down waters’.


Corporate Christmas party entertainment

Lastly, you need to give thought to the entertainment. This too is best planned and booked well in advance, for a good choice of live music, DJs or after dinner speakers.

Your selection of entertainment needs to be appropriate to your guests and aims. Though a karaoke machine is great for your corporate crew after some festive drinks, your professional clients might be unimpressed!

Whatever you choose, planning carefully and in well advance ensures that your party is memorable for all the right reasons, and doesn’t bring regrets ‘the morning after the night before’.

If you want delicious and affordable corporate Christmas party menus, the team at Cherry Picked Catering are ready to hand you a complete Bristol catering service ‘gift wrapped’, for a stress free event.


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