Setting the right impression in your next business meeting

First impressions count, but so do second and third ones in the cut-throat world of business. Business meetings in the dining room have become more popular over time due to its home like relaxed ambience in comparison to a dark board room with tastleess coffee and artificial lighting.

If you really want to seal the deal with a business then take it one step further and show them how much this meeting means to you.

Reliance on modern technology means that “in-person” meetings are usually called for clear and specific reasons. This adds to the pressure to make every minute count and to ensure that you build an instant connection and underpin your organisation’s reputation.

Getting people away from their devices for a badly orchestrated or uncomfortable meeting is certainly not the way to “win friends and influence people”! No better way to get people to put down the technology than outstanding food and even better service, to really impress your attendees make sure your location is spot on.


Good locations for Bristol meetings

Location matters greatly if you’ve taken contacts away from their day to day priorities. This includes the correct level of convenience. 

The next part of getting the location of meetings “on point” is providing the right ambience and surroundings.

If contacts take the time to gather at your venue, cramming them into a staff dining area or battling with a busy reception space doesn’t look good! Find somewhere that fits the people who are attending the meeting not just the host. The Chefs Table caters to a wide variety of these meetings.

Preparing a meeting room – away from the hustle or debris of your modern office environment – builds your reputation as a forward-looking and well-organised venture.


Refreshment for success

How many events – large and small – have you attended that were a success or failure thanks to the catering? It’s the easiest thing to provide to ensure a successful meeting, yet the one that some organisations totally overlook.

Particularly if the meeting lasts a couple of hours or more, a tepid instant coffee or worse still, an evil brew from a vending machine could cost you loss of “face”.

Having freshly made coffee, juice and pastries in the morning, a selection of easy to eat finger foods for lunch, or even a high powered hot buffet, could win you important negotiating points, Cherry Picked Catering can provide all manors of food appropriate for location and time of day 

In fact, a few well-selected food items and refreshing beverages serve many purposes. It keeps meeting delegates energised and it provides handy small breaks for more informal business engagement.

Business meeting catering that looks and tastes good also adds to your company’s reputation for being caring and good at planning.


People skills

This is possibly the most challenging of all the ways to make the right impression at meetings. Not least as we’ve all become more comfortable communicating digitally!

People skills within the dining room does not come far from your daily people skills.
Remember to always be polite, thank the catering service and appreciate that they work hard to serve the finest food for you business meeting.

Allowing others in the room to watch you dine with etiquette will always prove that you’re a person who means business and does not take those around you for granted.

Not only is it key to show the chefs, waiting staff and management good people skills it is vital if you’re hosting the dinner meeting that all your guests are happy and please with their food. Let them know that you are aware of their wellbeing whilst in the room.


Read the room

Staying alert to your audience is a key way to make the right impression, and get the right results from business meetings.

If you’re responsible for navigating everyone through the agenda, try to assess how much time to leave on each point ahead of time. Take a firm lead on moving people along and politely getting discussions back on track.

This applies with the catering and restaurant, if the business meeting becomes too loud, know to be cautious of the others dining in the same room. You want to create a nice atmosphere for everyone.

Is anyone in the room struggling to get their point across? If a lack of confidence or opportunity is suppressing their contribution, a quick chat over meeting refreshments could give them a much appreciated “voice”. 


To make your business meeting catering both relevant and impressive – or even to book a great meeting venue in Bristol – contact the team at The Chefs Table or if you’re looking into having fine dining in the form of catering Cherry Picked Catering are the people to contact. 


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