Why attention to detail can make your corporate event


When it comes to catering for a corporate event, you need a company that you can rely on to truly deliver the best possible experience. Cherry Picked Catering was founded to create quality, memorable experiences for the discerning diner, and the chief ingredient of success has always been a fierce attention to detail.

You want to make your corporate event a success, and this attention to detail could just be the thing that makes it all come together.

The foundation of a successful catering enterprise is great people and great product. The magic happens at some of the most incredible venues, all of which add an extra wow factor to every experience a caterer provides.

The caterer you choose should aim to deliver standards that reinforce the experience of the venue, with meticulous attention to detail throughout the service. Anything less than this will fail to meet the standards required for a genuinely successful corporate event.

How does attention to detail work?

It begins with sourcing top-quality products and recruiting the very best staff. The team should be well paid and supported so that they are happy and productive in their jobs. This affords the highest levels of professionalism, along with a keen focus on delivering a unique and memorable experience for customers at corporate events.

It also ensures you get the best, with the skills and experience to create superior cuisine for your guests. Catering is an extremely competitive business, with many of the top venues already contracted to a select few companies, so no detail can be considered insignificant when applying the service.

Essentially, the goal of service excellence makes perfectionists out of the best caterers, and Cherry Picked Catering is no exception to this. Every aspect of the service is aimed at exceeding customer expectations, and this leaves an impression that will have people talking about the event in glowing terms.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful business-boosters in any industry, and getting everything spot-on at your corporate events is a great way to get these kinds of recommendations.

How your corporate event succeeds

The food, and the experience of eating it, will make or break any corporate event, so attention to detail is of critical importance for your caterer.

You need to ensure you work with a company that will leave no stone unturned in providing your guests with an experience that will live long in the memory.

You need to ensure your guests are treated immaculately, so that they associate your brand with luxury and great experiences. This is where Cherry Picked Catering truly excels.

A catering company built on excellence

Every year, our aim is to cater for hundreds of events and consistently receive feedback as close to 5 stars as possible. We are always looking for new clients to grow and challenge ourselves in exciting ways.

The key principle at the heart of everything we do is to deliver quality. Customer experience is everything to us, and that means superb food prepared and served to the very highest standards.

We know that we are only as good as the last meal we served, so we settle for nothing less than excellence in every dish.

If you are holding a corporate event, and you would like to make the right choices in every aspect of your planning, please give Cherry Picked Catering a call.

We will be happy to discuss your plans and run you through the catering choices we offer. We know you are giving full consideration to every detail, and we can assure you that Cherry Picked Catering will be doing exactly the same to make your event a success.


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