Why is private dining so special?

Television cookery programmes and the wider availability of exotic ingredients have inspired current generations to experiment more in the kitchen. However, let’s be honest: not everyone has the ability, inclination or time to produce mouth-watering menus for special occasions!

Indeed, why should you scratch your head over recipes, stress out in supermarket food aisles or slave over a hot stove? Sometimes life is too short for that amount of pressure.

This is the main reason that private dining has become so popular. 

Where can you host a private meal in Bristol?

Another reason that couples, groups of people or businesses are booking dining options in the Bristol area is the push to maximise leisure and pleasure time. However, The chefs table is one of the only independent private dining experiences you will find in Bristol so make sure to check us out. 

Millennials are no longer happy to accept run of the mill experiences, especially in their precious “down time”. They want to be treated as individuals and have value for money too.

The privacy of specialist dining rooms (or engaging home chef service) puts you firmly in charge of the entire event. Which is why so many restaurants and hotels in the Bristol area are beginning to offer private rooms. Private rooms are a great extension to a large restaurant but when it comes to finding that one special unique dining experience you want to share with people then booking at The Chefs Table is where you should be.

Cherry Picked Catering at The Chef’s Table – also offer the option of meal preparation and service in your home if you wanted to taste fine dining in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of dining privately in Bristol

Private dining ensures that you enjoy a beautiful menu, prepared to your exact specifications and preferences. You can sit back and relax, with no prep or washing up to worry about.

That can be several courses for a delicious sit-down meal, or a novel and truly inspirational buffet for example. 

Are you wondering how to organise a business meeting or party when guests have widely differing food preferences? Engaging the services of a private dining expert ensures food options can cover all allergies and tastes – including halal, gluten-free, vegan and dairy intolerant food choices in the Bristol area.

Why should any guests have less than the best, when a personal chef can help you to devise the ideal food for everyone? 

Would carefully selected wines make your intimate dinner or private celebration more memorable? The right team of specialist caterers at The Chefs Table ensures you get expert help to match beverages to menus and guest requests. 


When the menu and ambience matter most

This is also the key to controlling the setting of your event – whether it’s an intimate meal for two or a fun family celebration.

Choosing The Chefs Table means you you can create the right ambience – romantic candlelight or party fun!

Booking a private room for a chef-created meal is also an excellent way to make a good impression with important business contacts. It guarantees the quality of the food – not least as you get influence over the menu – and avoids distractions while you seal a deal.

Booking private dining in a Bristol venue can also be a superb way to seal another kind of deal – as it’s a romantic way to propose marriage or ask someone to move in with you! Baby gender reveal parties, baby showers and other highly personal celebrations are also increasingly popular reasons to book private dining arrangements in Bristol.



Hosting an unforgettable private event in the Bristol area couldn’t be easier, thanks to the flexibility and professionalism of the team at Cherry Picked Catering (https://www.cherrypickedcatering.co.uk/event-catering/corporate-catering/)


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